About Us

Dockside is located overlooking the Calabash River all the way at the end of Nance St, last one on the right. Dockside has been a family run business for almost 70 years.

It began in the mid 50’s when Clarice and Hartford Price, tobacco farmers from Lake View, South Carolina, decided to move to the coast and open a seafood restaurant. They were hoping for a spot right on the banks where the seafood was being brought in daily. As fortune would have it a local moonshiner had not been paying taxes and was forced to sell his land to pay off his debt. Hartford and Clarice were on the courthouse steps when this opportunity presented itself to them. With every bit of courage they could muster they took a leap of faith and bought the land.

The land that Dockside was built on and still stands today, even after the devastating fire of 1986 that completely destroyed the original building. Even after that catastrophic event the family persevered. They reopened in 1987 and have been cooking up traditional “Calabash Style Seafood” ever since, with a few new additions as well. We got started cooking the fresh seafood coming in daily for the local families right here on the banks of the Calabash river.

Three generations later we still enjoy cooking up fresh seafood for locals and visitors alike. We can’t wait for you to come down and experience what has been a family tradition since Calabash was just a tiny fishing village with dirt roads with picnic tables along the river’s edge.

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